#FrostyVoxBox – Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea:

“Live life well this holiday season with Celestial Seasonings and take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane! It’s made with the very finest green tea leaves, peppermint and other botanicals, because at Celestial Seasonings, we know you are what you steep.”

#CelestialTea photo CelestialSeasonings_zpsf1cb61e8.jpg

(Click for full-size)

This tea smells just like a candy cane. It’s not very strong in peppermint flavour, but the smell is super recognisable.

I usually drink my tea straight up. I don’t drink milk tea (HK-style or otherwise) but I love lemon tea. When in HK, that’s my drink of choice (besides Carlsberg beer, naturally.).

This tea does not need any embellishments, it won’t turn bitter even after steeping for way longer than allowed. (I’m one to leave the tea bag in my mug as I’m drinking my tea, the bag doesn’t bother me.)

I actually had another sample from Celestial Seasonings before; they sent the Candy Cane Lane along with Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.  I didn’t like that as much, the smell was too…sugar cookie-y and the taste didn’t suit me. So I am super happy that they sent the Candy Cane Lane instead.

There was a coupon included for .55 cents off. Yay! I’m thinking of ways to incorporate the tea flavour into food/drinks. What can I use it? Infuse some milk and make pancake batter? Peppermint hot chocolate! Heheheh. The world at my fingertips

Happy drinking!
 photo DSC04997-tea_zpsafcef74e.jpg(Click for full-size)

The Candy Cane Lane tea bags were sent to me courtesy of Influenster, but the review is in my own, honest opinion!

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Shortcuts v Smartcuts

Will I be laughed out of my home by making these?


Or am I being super smart and enjoy my holiday with my family by not worrying about the food?

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Baking Preparations

Why are the butter so expensive? Not a single grocery store near me are having super-duper sales for butter. I need butter for my pie crusts and cookies dangnugget!

Well, I guess I don’t need butter, but it makes everything taste so much better. I guess I can substitute with shortening since I still have a tub of it.

Now I have to get the ingredients to make the mincemeat and have it all prepared and soak in it’s own juices.

Arrrgh! I’m panicking!

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Some more?

I know, two days empty and I really don’t have much to show for it. Just trying to get the last bit of holiday preparation in.

Well, yesterday I went to volunteer time at the local food bank; helping sort the donated food and putting them in boxes.

Eye opening. Yes there were loads of food being donated but I didn’t know that the food bank doesn’t take innards and bones? Tripes and suet and marrow bones. Oh the things I could’ve cooked. I understand not a lot of people want those parts, but I cannot believe they would throw out perfectly good food.

On the other hand, I cannot believe the “food” that the companies donated. It seems like they didn’t want to dispose of the spoiled and rotten foods themselves. We got weeks old meat that turned various shades of colour along with broken opened packages. Well, you take the good you take the bad. I’m glad that people do donate food, and toys, and clothes, and blood, and time to help out all year round. Help is not just needed during the holidays or during disasters.

Five more days to Christmas! May everyone be happy and satisfy with life. ❤

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Influenster Frosty VoxBox

I signed up for Influenster a little over a year ago? And was using that site to gauge worthiness of products. I use it in addition to Makeup Alley because it’s hard to trust what is the true claims of products.

Google searching always seem to bring the same sites and reviews, so I just wanted a place to make informed decisions.

Anyway, I was selected to take part in the Frosty campaign and was given the products for use and review.

With what’s been happening in the world these past few days, I felt weird talking about this and I put it on hold. I haven’t even tried anything yet; I just opened the box and took some pictures of the items.

But in the next few days, I’ll be sure to upload more pictures and share what J and I feel about the products (I have to share the goodies with my sister! Plus, you get more than one opinion. Win-win!)

Here’s a picture of the box:
 photo influensterfrostymini_zps5d650894.jpg

& The items:

  • No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Sachet (Full sized: $29.99)
  • NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum: $1.99
  • Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea
  • EcoTools Hair Brush: $10.99
  • Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: $7.49
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterpoof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner: $4.49
  • McCormick Gourmet Thyme: $4.79
  • Fruit Vines Bites: $1.28-$1.79
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My heart is aching. There are no words.

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Santa’s (not so) Little Helper

There’s a Meetup.com event tonight in my area to help sort out toys donated to Toys for Tots.

I’ve always said I’ll donate time for good causes but I hardly ever follow through because 1. I’m a lazy bum. And 2. I wanted to spend time with my family when I do have free time.

I did a lot more when I was still in college because there are so many groups recruiting at the campus and Student Activities centers. I was a peer educator and an hotline counselor at both of my schools and I made some great acquaintances through that. When I was in HK, I joined the Samaritans English hotline. It’s intense. But the people I met through that was eye-opening as well. There were people from Australia, England, China, and I even met someone from Boston!

Anyway,  tonight will be more lighthearted and cheery (I hope?). And who doesn’t want to put out a little more positivity into the world? Especially now.

My heart and thoughts goes out to all those affected by the shootings in Sydney and Pennsburg, PA.  Stay safe. ❤


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