New Year, Old Products

Happy Chinese New Year!

Most people make their resolutions on January 1st of the year but being Chinese, I save them for the Lunar New Year.

It’s not so much as resolutions but organising my life. My personal life has taken a backseat ever since I started my new job last May. I never thought I would revert to this kind of schedule: six days a week, 10 hours each day. It may not sound much to you, but I’ve always had regular, government-job schedule. I miss that.

Anyway, my coworker started doing BeachBody and she was listening/participating in a 30-Day Challenge where the goal was to be “a better person”. And to achieve that, we had to set goals and try to accomplish them.

Well, my goal was to be a better person, in particular, a more organised person. So. Let’s start with my perfume collection. I really do have a problem. I love perfumes. I love collecting perfume bottles. I still have bottles (some empty, some with a little bit of juice in them to remind myself of their scent) from when I was in junior high school. And then those handed down from my mom.

Recently though, I haven’t been finishing my scents before starting a new bottle. I used to have a signature scent (24 Faubourg by Hermes, it smells heavenly! And I only use it on special occasions because it did not come cheap) but then all these new perfumes came out and I love them all! So that scent got relegated to super special events.

Now I have at least six bottles of perfumes in rotation. Not including my mom’s. And I really need to finish them before they go bad. This post is really for me to write down my bottles so I see them and bunker down and use them up.  The 30-Day Challenge did instill in me the power of a written list. You write it down, you are accountable. You see the list, you will complete it.

Without further ado, my list (in no particular order):

  1. 24 Faubourg
  2. Chaos by Donna Karen
  3. 212 Men
  4. Jo Malone White Jasmin & Mint
  5. Bobbi Brown Beach
  6. Zara Women Chocolate
  7. Burberry Brit
  8. Banana Republic Classic
  9. Kate Spade Twirl
  10. Very Irresistible
  11. Chrome
  12. Clinique Happy
  13. Angel (mini)
  14. Midnight Fleur (mini)
  15. Curve (mini)
  16. Iris (mini)

Hmm, I seem to have miscalculated. Oops. I really need to finish my stash before even contemplating opening new ones.

Okay, it’s written down, I will persevere.


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