Hogwarts, here I come! (Again)

Flights are booked. Hotel is settled. Tickets are purchased!

 photo DSC01370_zps58d86747.jpg

Cue Hedwig’s Theme.

 photo DSC01884_zpsb11183c9.jpg

We’re heading back to Orlando, Florida for Universal Studio/Islands of Adventure/HOGWARTS!!! And this year, this year! My mom is coming with us too! You know what this means? She’s gonna have to marathon the movies again before heading there. Hehehehehe.


 photo DSC01933_zpsee796791.jpg

Can you guess which house we’re in?

 photo IMG_0968_zps475f0808.jpg

We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks:

 photo DSC01814_zps9fc8af01.jpg

Had drinks at the Hog’s Head:

 photo DSC01510_zps6cdd0b65.jpg

Went through all the rides and attractions again:

 photo DSC01454_zps1c214bd7.jpg

Took more pictures:

 photo DSC02193_zpsacca6e39.jpg

And we didn’t want to leave.

 photo DSC02164_zpsad8a9ab5.jpg

We said we’ll be back, and yay! Now we have Diagon Alley and King’s Cross to explore!

We were there for three days last year, and after going through Universal, we basically stayed the rest of the time over at Islands of Adventure.

In the long run, we will go to allll the Universal’s Wizarding World; maybe next stop, Japan!

 photo DSC01739_zpsc5db0055.jpg


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