A Cup of Kindness

Honestly, where have the time gone?

Christmas has come and gone and I’ve spent the last few days just enjoying the last bit of warm holifuzzies. I hoped everyone’s had the best of times and may there be many more to come.

So, what happened to the big feast? Well, my mom decided to forgo the traditional Western Christmas dinner for some Asian flair. We had hotpot! Mmmhmm. I think it’s actually more work with hotpot because there are loads of washing and prepping beforehand.

Don’t worry, my mincemeat would not be going to waste, let it stew for a while and when I bring it back out, the taste would be all that much better. Heh.

There was a copious amount of hot chocolate drunk over the week with candy canes and topped with marshmallows; I didn’t deviate from that.  My dad enjoyed the pastries that I’d brought home and my mom and I devoured the Harry and David pears my sister’s coworkers got her. They were super sweet and delicious.

Got to see my grandmother too, but unfortunately we didn’t get to have dinner with her because J and I were caught up by our afternoon appointment.  But we got her some vegetable steamed buns because she loved those for her morning meal.

J got her singing on when we went for karaoke; it was basically her one woman show. Drinks and food were included but we snuck our own alcohol to make the cocktails much better. Mmhmm indeed.

What’s going on for New Year’s? I’ve been wrangled as chauffeur/designated driver for J. I was going to volunteer for Saratoga’s First Night but it clashed with her event. Oh well, consider it my good deed to J; if I were to do good, why not to my sister?

Stay warm! Stay safe! Have fun! Cheers!

(The FrostyVoxBox reviews will resume shortly!)


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