Some more?

I know, two days empty and I really don’t have much to show for it. Just trying to get the last bit of holiday preparation in.

Well, yesterday I went to volunteer time at the local food bank; helping sort the donated food and putting them in boxes.

Eye opening. Yes there were loads of food being donated but I didn’t know that the food bank doesn’t take innards and bones? Tripes and suet and marrow bones. Oh the things I could’ve cooked. I understand not a lot of people want those parts, but I cannot believe they would throw out perfectly good food.

On the other hand, I cannot believe the “food” that the companies donated. It seems like they didn’t want to dispose of the spoiled and rotten foods themselves. We got weeks old meat that turned various shades of colour along with broken opened packages. Well, you take the good you take the bad. I’m glad that people do donate food, and toys, and clothes, and blood, and time to help out all year round. Help is not just needed during the holidays or during disasters.

Five more days to Christmas! May everyone be happy and satisfy with life. ❤


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