Santa’s (not so) Little Helper

There’s a event tonight in my area to help sort out toys donated to Toys for Tots.

I’ve always said I’ll donate time for good causes but I hardly ever follow through because 1. I’m a lazy bum. And 2. I wanted to spend time with my family when I do have free time.

I did a lot more when I was still in college because there are so many groups recruiting at the campus and Student Activities centers. I was a peer educator and an hotline counselor at both of my schools and I made some great acquaintances through that. When I was in HK, I joined the Samaritans English hotline. It’s intense. But the people I met through that was eye-opening as well. There were people from Australia, England, China, and I even met someone from Boston!

Anyway,  tonight will be more lighthearted and cheery (I hope?). And who doesn’t want to put out a little more positivity into the world? Especially now.

My heart and thoughts goes out to all those affected by the shootings in Sydney and Pennsburg, PA.  Stay safe. ❤



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