Happy Sunday!

As we’re getting closer to Christmas, there are so many tv shows and tv movies with holiday themes.

I’m so happy to just sit on the couch with a big mug of tea and enjoy happy, feel-good movies on this Sunday. Honestly, on any weekend. It’s nice to fall back from reality and be happy. I guess that’s why I love reading so much.

I still remembered my first grade teacher writing on my report card saying I’m a model student but need improvement in my reading skills. Of course I had just immigrated from HK but still, it was embarrassing.  Over the summer break, my mom enrolled me into summer school and our local public library had a summer program by the Reading is Fundamental organisation. And I never looked back.

I’ve always preferred books over television because we never had cable growing up. It wasn’t until college when I had free cable from school that I got sucked in to the vortex of Vh1 and TCM.  Before then, my dad and I usually watch old movies that played on the channel before it became the CW. (I still haven’t seen the full Star Wars movies. Oops.)

And now, DVR! Man, it’s so addicting.

I love Sundays!


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