Holiday Gala

Whee! What a whirlwind day it was. Had to go set up for the Holiday Gala at the Italian-American Community Center. The party started at 11:45 am, but people started showing up at 11; had to ask them to wait outside the doors (in the hallway, it was freezing cold outside) so the DJ can get his music up.

Check-in, check-in, check-in until around 1:30pm, and then we got to enjoy the buffet. It was goooood. There were eggplant lasagna, sirloin with gravy, pasta marinara(?), and chicken francaise(?, that’s how they spelt it.). Grilled vegetables with sea salt, ohhh, the asparagus was super tender.

DJ played great music, and even though people asked for the buffet to be put away so the dance floor is opened up, no one danced. Not a single one. Booo.

Oh, the coffee was delicious. Fragrant and strong but neither acidic nor bitter. I would’ve drank more than one cup, but they didn’t leave a carafe out, but had the waitstaff come in and out with the pots. Boo.

I’m sad I didn’t take much pictures, I don’t really trust people to take good pictures with my camera because it…hasn’t happened yet? I guess people are so used to cell phones that they don’t know to press the shutter button once to focus before snapping the picture. Le sigh. At least I got one good picture of J and me.  Without further ado:

 photo 71667049-d227-4aab-8e25-2f1a2ee55947_zpsbc77e8fa.jpg

(I’m the one with antlers, J is the one in big glasses. Yeah, no one could tell we’re sisters either.)

We stopped at a friend’s house for another party afterwards, I took my camera with me but again, didn’t take any pictures. (This is why I would not make a good vlogger, I am rubbish at documenting.) Her house is so nice and comfortable. She had an at least 12 feet Christmas Tree (Fraser fir) in the living room, another tree in their bedroom that you could see on the outside, and one more in another place of the house. Wow. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, and it is a sight to behold. I mean, yeah, I’ve seen the Rockefeller tree but this one is in someone’s home.

Anyway, I’m super tired, but so happy! How’s this post? Putting a face to the blog?


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