Plowing in a Winter Wonderland

I miss living in an apartment complex. Where the parking lots and walkways are plowed overnight so that the only thing one needed to do was clean the snow off one’s car.

The snow that came last night were the heavy, wet kind. The kind perfect for snowball fights and making snowmen. But super duper hard to shovel.

The snowblower had been out of commissioned since Winter 2011. Pete was waiting for a good deal to get another one. But a storm hit us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He found one on Cyber Monday this year. And it was suppose to be delivered this week, I guess just not in time.

J and Pete both had to go to work early this morn, so he just shoveled enough space for their cars to get through. Which made it harder for me to shovel because the snow was packed under their tires. And the snow-plows that came over night made a sizable drift at the end of the driveway. So after about two hours, I got the driveway cleared, the walkway to the house done. The mailbox is cleared so the postman don’t have to ring twice. But I need to get some ice melts in case the temperature hits below freezing.

Happy holidays! Stay safe shovelling! Remember to layer up with light, ventilated clothing. Don’t forget you hat and gloves and warm socks (oh-s0-important). Like all exercises, do some warm up reps before hitting the snow. And take your time!


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