Seasonal Pick-me-ups

In the same vein as Pantone’s Colour of the Year, I thought about what my go-to item is for this season. Last Christmas (I gave you my heart), I almost single-handedly bought out the supplies of Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses.

I’m not usually a white chocolate person, but with those bits of candy cane candy, it is simply delicious. I popped them in my hot chocolate, pressed a kiss into snickerdoodles before baking, and just have a bowl of them on the coffee table. Devoured.

This year? It may very well be Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies. We just give and get these tins of cookies for Chinese New Year. And then saved the tins to put our keepsakes in (because they are water and fireproof).  I haven’t bought a tin of them for the longest time, but when I spent Christmas in Hong Kong in 2012, my Aunt Amy bought tins of the these as gifts. And my cousin and I snuck one out to open. Mmmhmm.

Rite Aid had a sale last week and I had some Up reward points, and I bought a small tin of Royal Dansk. My sister had the same idea and bought a mini tin the same night! Hahaha. We enjoyed them over the weekend and just reminisced about Christmases long, long ago.

I think I’ll get a jumbo tin at Sam’s Club, bring it home for Christmas and exchange memories with my family.


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