Holiday Favourites

I’m still getting the hang of the scheduler (if you couldn’t tell!). Sigh, it publishes when I don’t want it to, and it keeps my posts in drafts even after scheduling it!

Well, yesterday’s post was suppose to be just about Pearl Harbor, but this post went up instead.  Le sigh.

So, without further ado, here’s my expanded post!

1. Song/carol: Bing Crosby’s Do You Hear What I Hear?

2. Food: This is a twofer because when I was little, our Christmas traditions ran a little differently. In Hong Kong, my parents would take us all back to my maternal grandparents’ place to have food and make merry. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there and my grandmother would be the one cooking. Traditional Shandong food: noodles and dumplings, steamed buns and cold platters (jellyfish, pork ears cooked in five spices, and many more dishes) all made from scratch.  Then when we came to the U.S, our first Christmas was spent in Massachusetts with our dad’s younger brother, Uncle David and his wife, Linda Auntie, and their two children. They had a very…full Christmas. My cousins woke us up early Christmas morning and told us to get downstairs (we didn’t speak English, they didn’t speak Chinese; it was all very loud and gesture-y.), and while they tore open their presents, J and I sat there oohing and ahhing. When our cousins wanted us to open our presents, we were aghast! We never open presents on Christmas! Presents were opened on Boxing Day! Another loud and gesture-y “conversation” ensued. Til our parents came down and explained. And then J and I opened one present each and saved the rest for Boxing Day. It was double Christmas that year! But I digress, food: My Aunt Linda make a Christmas goose and a ham with pineapple and cloves that year. I don’t remember much of the sides, but I remember seeing that ham stuck with whole cloves with pineapple slices. Fascinating and oh-so-yummy.

So my favourite holiday food would just be the category of Home-made Foods. Mmmhmm.

3. Movie: Ooh, this one’s hard. It’s really a tie between the first Home Alone movie and Miracle on 34th Street. I would watch either movie if I pass it while surfing the web.

4. Snack (cookies? chips?): I’ve talked about my love of snickerdoodle cookies, and I could eat that all day. But a few years ago, my mom bought a fruitcake from one of the local stores. It was good, my whole family loved it. Especially my dad. I don’t know why all the Christmas movies bagged on it? It’s cakey and sweet and orange peely all in one. Great with a cup of tea.

5.  Boxing Day yay or nay: YAY!YAY!YAY!

6.  Smell: Smorgasbord of vanilla and pine and spices. If pumpkin spice is the smell of Thanksgiving, then Christmas would be what I just described. But with an added bite of cold.

7. Drink: Most definitely hot chocolate. I like mine with both peppermint and ground cinnamon. Have you tried the Kahlua Peppermint? It tastes lovely in coffee but heavenly in hot cocoa.

8. Tree decoration: I still have the wooden ornaments my mom used to put up when we were in Hong Kong. There’s this little Santa Claus on his sleigh with his bag of presents that’s bigger than him! Every year, I would fight with my sister to get to this Santa first so I can put him on the tree. And because I was younger, I always got to put him on. Heheh. I was a spoiled child.

 photo DSC04722_zps1c3db96d.jpg

 photo DSC04728_zpsc0eed929.jpg

 photo DSC04725_zps775bc7ef.jpg  oh no! I just noticed that one of his ski is broken! Sad Mortie. 😦

 photo DSC04730_zpsca51ed03.jpg

9. Tradition: Waking up Christmas morning and wishing my parents a Merry Christmas before we each open one present (just like our first U.S. Christmas with my Uncle David and his family.).

10. Book/story: The Night Before Christmas – when I was in first grade, I wanted to enter a Christmas competition at school by reciting this story. I had such high hopes, I memorised and recited and practiced for weeks leading up to the audition. But in the end, I didn’t get it. I was so nervous and just couldn’t speak up. I never knew what stage fright was, but I guess I had it! And to this day, I still have problems with public speaking and presentations. I took a public speaking elective in college, got through all the assignments and got an A, but ask me to speak (with or without preparation) and I would sweat like an ice-cold drink in 100% humidity. After all that, I still love this story and quote from it to this day. In general conversations, not just during the holiday seasons. 😀

11. Wish: Any time I would make a wish, I would tack on the wishes from Anne Murray’s Christmas Wishes.

1. Peace on Earth, goodwill among men, love in all that we do.

2. It would go on forever, for people like you and me.

3. Both now and forever, to share all my wishes with you.

Silly? Yes, but on the off-chance that wishes are real and do come true, why not make it a good one?


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