A Break from Festivities

Aside: I had such good hair day yesterday but I never got to take a photo of it. How is this possible? Because my cell phone is on it’s last artificial legs. When I went to Hong Kong two years ago, I bought a SIM card at the airport so I can call a taxi to get me to my Aunt’s house. Except when I went to put it in, it got jammed inside and broke off a piece of whatever. I went to get it fix and all was dandy. Until I dropped the phone onto concrete. I can still use it, just have to always be on speakerphone if I’m on a call. And now the battery is basically zapped. I can’t even LINE for more than two messages, nevermind taking a picture.

Why didn’t I just get a new phone?  Well, I had my eyes set on the Sony Xperia Z when I was in HK, but I told myself to wait a while so the price would go down. And then the Z1 launched. Except in the US, it’s the Xperia Z1s; and it didn’t come in white.  And it didn’t have that great of reviews. Fastforward to Z2 being talked about, and it seemed like the perfect phone. So I waited. Meanwhile my phone still works, I don’t want to be one that’s always chasing the newer models (but I was, just not by purchasing them).

Another thing for me is size. I don’t really need nor want a phone that big. I am perfectly fine with my Xperia X10’s 4.2 inches screen. And the newer phones are all competing to be the biggest, brightest, best! Sorry, I mostly use my phone to communicate via WechatsupLine or email. I don’t need a supermega camera because I have a regular point&shoot already (love my sony dscrx100mII, sooo many functions and still easy enough for dumdum me).

How did I get onto this topic? Oh yeah, my cell phone. Maybe if I wasn’t set on getting a Sony phone; but I’ve always had a Sony phone….

I was waiting for some good holiday sales for the Z3 Compact, but no dice. No sale whatsoever.

Thought I was going to head out to Chinatown for a look-see, but that fell through.

So here I am. Researching other phones (LG G3? HTC M8? They’re all well and good, but not my Z3 compact 😦 ). I will make a decision soon, because it’s now become a necessity. If only I didn’t buy that pair of boots. And the Bobbi Brown Beach set. And the new Stephen King books….


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