Nibbles: Sweet & Savoury

I love cooking. I love baking. But the one thing I love above all else? Eating. My friend once said that he doesn’t live to eat but he eat to live. I guess that’s why I’m a fatty and he’s not.

Just today, I went to try a new place because J got herself a Groupon that she was too lazy to use (she didn’t want to drive alllll the way to Schenectady, why she bought the Groupon? I don’t know). Back to story, I went in to get some cookies or scones so J can have them tomorrow morning but they didn’t have them for sale. Looking over the menu, I got the Cobb salad and an order of cheese fries with sour cream (btw, never had sour cream with fries, and it was interesting. Similar to having potato pancakes I guess, but I never thought to merge the two.) and as I was paying for the order, I saw some cookies that look suspiciously like Snickerdoodles. I.LOVE.SNICKERDOODLES. And I took it as a sign that those cookies are meant to be in my belly.

My dad has a massive sweet tooth, desserts are always a hit with him. For the past few years, I made regular holiday cookies with cookie cutters, maybe this year I’ll make drop cookies.

I don’t consider cookies as desserts because my dad and I will usually have a platter out and enjoy them with a cup of coffee (no matter the time of day) while he reads the newspaper and I, either have my nose in a book or being entertain by the telly.  My mom would probably steal one as the day goes but neither she nor my sister are big sweets fans.

For Christmas Day, I think we’ll probably make a pot of coffee in the morn to go with our breakfast. If we don’t finish the pot, we’ll have it with the cookies; otherwise a pot of tea would be enjoyed by all.

J made empanadas for Thanksgiving hors d’oeuvre so we’ll change it up to…mince pies? With raisins and cinnamon and pears. I can just smell the house now, all warm and spicy. Oooh, I bet J would want to make her mulled wine again. So maybe we won’t have a pot of tea for elevenses.

For a family of four (five if Pete comes to stay with us), I think snickerdoodles and mince pies with mulled wine (it’s five o’clock somewhere!) is great for nibbling!


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