Holiday Food: The Preview

Still riding high on post-Thanksgiving ambition, J and I started thinking about Christmas Menu.

Not wanting a repeat of what just happened, we’re going to plan out what we want. (But I think my mom wanted to do Chinese-style hotpot, hehe.) And then we’ll revisit here and see what actually made the cut!

Separated into sections, there’ll be starters, main dish + sides, and desserts & drinks. Both traditional and fusion. (Too ambitious? Maybe. But we won’t know until we try!)

Preparing for Thanksgiving, I DVR-d episodes of The Chew and there were many times Mario Batali said he had his night planned out to the seconds. Wow. I mean, I guess it made sense since he throws such big dinner parties, but now I understand why. At my mom’s place, there’s only one oven, a gas oven, and with the turkey taking so much of time, the sides either had to be cooked on the stove, or with the turkey. And it’s hard to gauge the temperature with a big bird taking up the space.

No more! With a nice, neat, planned-out to-do, Christmas lunch and dinner will be magnificent! (Maybe, hopefully.)


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