Holiday Makeup Chit-Chat

Having taken advantage of sales before Thanksgiving, I need to think of what to do with my loot. I love makeup, perfume, and skincare. Only, I am not great at using them. You’d think by now I can adequately draw on cat flicks. Nope. I can barely use two shades of eye-shadows without it turning into one big blob.

So why do I keep buying? Because they are so pretty! And I am a sucker for shiny shite (™ Shagrat from LotR: RotK).

Last Christmas I was in the market for makeup brushes and was recommended Coastal Scents (got the 22 Piece Brush Set and the 12 Piece Brush Set, why? Because I keep one at home and one in Albany. Never mind that I had perfectly good brushes from before, I must have two sets! To be fair, they do have different brushes, I liked that lash comb and eyeliner brush a lot.)  They are really nice and have a good weight to them. I always get a good, even application of liquid foundation when I use the Flat Buffer brush.

For eye makeup, I usually sweep a shimmery, bronze-y colour (discontinued Sephora’s Wild & Precious No 87) over my lids and line with a kohl pencil before finishing with blackest black mascara. This year, I tried something new: liquid eyeliner! Purple mascara! From far away, the look is much the same, but if the light hits me just right, or I’m outdoors, my eyes POP. (I’m going to have to do better with pictures, but for now, you can take my word for it!)

And even more recently I got some MAC Pigments for my sister and myself.  It sure was a learning curve working with pigments for the first few times. I don’t even mind the fallout, but it was hard for me to get the colour payout I wanted. English Gilt is such a lovely colour and so easy to work on the lids, but when I try to line with Pretty it Up, it didn’t work. Maybe I just need a better mixing medium?

But that’s the beauty of makeup, the experimenting and the mistakes!

So for this holiday season:

  • I will be try to finish the eye makeup I have opened before buying any more.
  • Go outside my comfort zone with regards to colours (but bronze and purple make my fake green eyes so much brighter!).
  • Complete my look with lip colours.

Which brings me to my last point. Lips. Love trying new colours and formulas but I never remember to bring my lip colour out with me. So I end up using plain, no-colour lipbalm after the initial colour fades.

Last year, I bought some OCC Lip Tars because I thought they’d be more long lasting. I got the Lip Tar All-Star Mini set (out of stock now, but that Black Dahlia is amazing!) and then when the Metallics came out, I got the Metallic Trio set.  I think Role Play is the perfect shade for me. But the shimmers do settle in my lip lines after a while and you have to line your lips otherwise they bleed and feather.

Going back to my resolutions, I’m going to make a conscious effort to bring my lipsticks/gloss with me when I head out.

Here’s to shimmery eyes and glossy lips!


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