Tis the Season

Everywhere you look, the stores are advertising deals and steals. But Thanksgiving hasn’t even past yet, what gives?  It seems like each year the time for Christmas/Holiday shopping gets closer and closer to the end of summer.

Last year, I didn’t start to shop of Christmas until Cyber Monday. This year, Sephora had their VIB/Rouge event last weekend! Yes, I grabbed stuff from there. Of course I did, 20% off plus Ebates’s 8% (and then dropped back down to 4%) is nothing to pshaw at.  And then Ebates followed with their Friends and Family Double Cash Back. Ohhhboy is my wallet hurting.

I know I don’t have to get gifts or that I could create something. But I love looking and finding the perfect gift for the people in my lives. I don’t have a lot of friends (small favours?) so I mostly spoil my family.

Every year I feel like I’ve found the perfect gift, tucking away little info here and there that I’d heard during the year and then snap the present when the deal is awesome; this year, my parents didn’t really leave any clues. So, my sister and I decided to give them red envelopes (Chinese lai see). Yeah, not very festive, but it’s useful?

So, packages have been steadily coming and this morning, before going to my friend’s son’s birthday celebration, I started wrapping.  I’m not the best gift wrapper–I know it, my family knows it, & my friends expect it. But I still do my own wrapping, because 1. I don’t trust my sister to not peek at her gifts (even though I wrap them in newsprint and other refuse paper) & 2. it’s fun! Sometimes I can find a box that fit the gift and that makes it easier for me to get crisp lines and corners; other times it’s a grab bag of “awesomeness”.

Exhibit  1.

  photo 31a517d9-b7c2-4d5f-a57e-53d510edc2ea_zpse731d1ac.jpg

As you can see from the picture, I wasn’t being modest when I said I’m horrible. I make do with ribbons and bows to cover up mistakes. And the generosity of my friends & family.

So, even though I got my gifts and wrapping started, I will not shuffle in holiday music onto my ipod (what am I gonna do when my baby dies? What will I use to play my music in my car, when I’m walking, when I’m exercising??) nor will I wear my fuzzy Christmas sweaters.

But I can’t wait!!


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